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4dogpaws insulated mat convenient for holiday travels.

16 More Sleeps ’til XMAS

Don’t miss out on this fabulous unique Xmas gift. 4 dog paws insulated on-the-go mat, ticks all the boxes for holiday travellers,camping, road trip and outings.

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“A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours.”-Anonymous

How cute is this pooch! Leni enjoying the comfort of his 4dogpaws insulated on-the-go mat, now all he needs is the picnic basket!


As a dog lover on a recent trip to New York I was on a mission to try and source a no nonsense travel mat for dogs. An idea had been haunting me for some time noticing dogs sitting around waiting patiently for their owners at cafes, pubs, sporting grounds and outside shopping centres. Talking with the owners, the conversation ended with… “if I ever found anything like it, I was to let them know” well, after some research, here and abroad, it was evident that nothing I had envisaged was available for our four legged friends. The marketplace is saturated with products offering all the fancy trimmings when it comes to comfort mattresses, jackets or blankets, however lacking in choices of a portable, lightweight and insulated solution.

So, on our return I set out to design and manufacturer what I consider a product that ‘ticks all the boxes’  The first shipment has arrived and the finished product meets all my expectations, we are delighted with the results and have received excellent feedback from vets, groomers and boutique pet stores here in Sydney.


The original 4dogpaws insulated on-the-go mat made from quality fleece,  It’s unique and compact 25x15cm pouch folds out to a handy 70cmx70cm stylish mat. An easily portable barrier against the cold, damp and heat. Insulated water resistant acrylic Peva backing provides a comfortable resting place for your canine friends.

Thought that hiding under the mat is fun!

Completely waterproof plus snugly. Frankie has given it his seal of approval by rolling all over it and exploring underneath. Seriously cute!

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4dogpaws insulated on-the-go mat is the ultimate portable travel mat for style and comfort.